Unique theoretical and applied papers on all facets of computer sciences are published in the double-blind, peer-reviewed magazine Global Journal of Computer Sciences: Theory and Research. It is intended to be a global, multidisciplinary publication that disseminates research results from the computer science field.

Introduction and Goals:

The Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology focuses on the fundamental components of modern computing and technology. It is an international publication that accepts original research papers, essays, and double-blind, peer-reviewed manuscripts on a range of subjects, including but not limited to networks, databases, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, hardware, and ICs.


As computers and sensors improve, people are gathering more data every day and automating it to provide better results. The study and development of better algorithms and computer techniques is now one of the key components of science in the modern era. This publication seeks to offer novel techniques to academia and their implementation. This journal’s special editions may include accepted standards, reports, whitepapers, and theses.

Journal of Computer Science and Technology:

People are collecting more data every day and automating it to get better outcomes as computers and sensors advance. One of the most important aspects of science and research in the current period is the research and improvement of better algorithms and computer procedures. This book aims to provide innovative methods and their application to academics. The special editions of this magazine may contain accepted standards, reports, whitepapers, and theses.

Submission: email their articles or manuscripts to info@ucjournals.com with the subject line “Journal Title: GJCSI.” Here is where you may submit your papers and manuscripts:


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